Garage Door Parts


Garage Door Parts consist of a Panel, bottom bracket and torsion spring primarily. A careful study of these parts and their utility gives you reasonable understanding of the mechanism on which it works.

While these are all available in standard sizes and take care of the basic need some of them feel they would like to customize it. The principle is the same with slight variance from one to another.

Regular check ups by the owner of the garage keeps the door in tact and no major problem can arise. The catch is that it is grossly overlooked till it stops functioning normally and gets stuck either when it is opened or when it is closed.

There are many moving parts which need to be oiled and greased regularly. An annual check up by a specialist is preferable. Anytime you notice a bolt or nut or a spring part that you do not recognize lying in your garage there is a strong reason to inspect the whole garage door as the chances are it belongs to it.

Most of the parts are readily available and can be replaced with relative ease. There is absolutely no rocket science in it however it needs to be done with utmost care.

Ventilate the garage with light for visibility under special circumstances that may demand it.